St. Francis UGANDA

Family Helper Programme

Registered charity
Ireland CHY18409, Uganda S5917/278, UK 10781
Recognized for tax purposes by Kindermissionswerk of Aachen, Germany
In service of the FAMILY

We sponsor the education of children, who without direct assistance might not have the opportunity to go to school.
We offer Skills Training to young men and women in our Tailoring School.
We train community development workers, counsellors, catechists in our Counsellor Training Institute.
We believe

All people have a right to fair access to knowledge.
All people have a right to be aware of what a nation should and does offer them.
All people have a right to a decent standard of living, to food, shelter, security and freedom from abuse.

The vision of St. Francis FHP is that all people may have a more equitable sharing of the gifts needed for human development (social security, education, health and happiness).
In our sponsorship programme each child has an individual sponsor from Germany, Ireland, Northern Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy, the UK or the USA. Kindermissionswerk of Germany gives us additional funding each year and over the years has allowed us to use their funding for a variety of organisational needs. Most recently this organisation has encouraged St. Francis to work in the archdiocese of Mbarara in an effort to lessen or prevent violence against children in schools and in homes.


St Francis Family Helper Programme began its operations in Nyamitanga, Mbarara, Uganda in 1984 with the support of many people. Worth mentioning for very special contributions, Brother Karl Siebertz RIP, Missionary of Africa, Adrian Kabuzire, RIP, John Kabegambire, Bishop Emeritus John Baptist Kakubi, Steve Collins RIP, Missionary of Africa, Leocadia Kabibi Nkuzi, Margaret Katahaga, the Daughters of Mary and Joseph, the parishes of Thornton Heath, West Croydon and Carshalton in the UK, the diocese of Raphoe in Ireland and many friends and wellwishers from different countries, including Christian Childrens Fund of the USA.


10/18/2014 1:40:54 PM
Thank you to Vernice Solimar from JFK University, California.

Vernice Solimar, from JFK University, California, shared some of her many talents when she agreed to give two weeks of training to the staff of St. Francis Family Helper Programme and the staff of Nyamitanga Campus of Uganda Martyrs University.  Some other participants were invited. The emphasis of the training was on  Listening. We were invited to get in touch with our inner Wisdom, to listen from within, and respond to Life from that stand.

10/18/2014 12:58:50 PM
Building is still ongoing

October 2014, Paul Donnelly from Armagh, is overseeing the completion of the first floor with financing from the Nyamitanga Campus of Uganda Martyrs University, under the directorship of Fr. Professor Peter Kanyandago.
Floors are having Terrazzo, windows are being glazed and painting is going on.  We hope to finish the remainder of the building in 2015.

10/18/2014 9:54:14 AM
Learning to use website in St. Francis

Domagoj and Mary are in Austria staying in Monika’s apartment.
Domagoj came to teach Mary how to edit website as we were having difficulty without a resident web master in Uganda. Now Mary and Domagoj can update the webpage more frequently. Anything you see under the title Learning to use Website is the attempt to learn.  Even if the news is a repetition it is a classroom practice.  

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